All4One Flyball Team

All 4 One flyball bexhill

Welcome to the All 4 One Flyball team website

We are a small friendly Flyball team who train in Bexhill, East Sussex.  We believe in having fun with our dogs and our team members.  We welcome members of all ages and dogs of all breeds and run beginners classes twice a year.  We are a non profit making organisation and all monies from training sessions and social activities are used to pay for the venue, equipment and other mandatory expenses

Flyball is a head to head relay race consisting of two teams, a Flyball box and a ball!

The aim of the sport is for each individual dog (4 per team) to pass through a set of sensor gates, jump over four hurdles, trigger the flyball box to release a ball, catch the ball and then return over all four jumps carrying said ball. Then allowing the next dog to pass, nose to nose, into the lane via the sensor gate. All the while an opposing team is doing the very same in the other lane. Each team trying to complete the sequence, cleanly, in the fastest time possible!

Flyball is a high adrenaline, energetic, fast paced and addictive sport for all ages, abilities and breeds. It is the ultimate inclusive sport for both human and canines alike.

 We are registered with and compete in competitions run by UK flyball league and the BFA.